Naruto World Ultimate 1.0 S3 B10

Map Naruto World 1.0 S3 B10 – Naruto World Ultimate 1.0 S3 B10.w3x by Rikudou_Sennin

Naruto World Ultimate (RPG)

Repeat the history of Naruto or choose another path’s.

Requirements to create the patch:
-Create your NWU, and add the garbage itself. Or to pay us for it. We will add the patch, and all the characters that you want, but only if it will be profitable. Map created at virtually no cost, for us it is no one pays, if you support the creation of the patch, and if there are people, we can make a scale, and when it is full, we will start to do a patch here.
-Vbros Meshes all the required characters (we will throw you a list of models that you give us their seeks out, and voila, we are ready).

Naruto World 1.0 S3 B10 Features:

  • Name Map: Naruto World 1.0 S3 B9.2
  • Category: Role Playing (RPG)
  • Tileset: Cityscape
  • Dimensions: 256×256
  • Playable Area: 254×252
  • Recommended Players:1x2x2 or full
  • Size: 8140.5 KB
  • Created by Rikudou_Sennin

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