Dota 6.88t9 rgc download

  • Fixed ensnare could cause creeps to stuck
  • Fixed bug with Buybacking from shared Circle of power
  • Fixed bug with stacking regeneration
  • Fixed “Save game” menu causing player to stuck
  • Improved ensnare-bassed skills in common
  • Improved bottom sentinel’s creeps waypoints
  • Attack visuals can now alter randomly from normal to slam
  • Side Shop will no longer allow to buy Magic Stick if you have no slots available
  • Neutral’s Resistance aura icon moved to another slot
  • Added 5s cooldown to -lat command
  • Added -dmg test chat command to display damage values
  • Added chat command “-smartattack” (disabled by default) – whenever you order to attack ground while this command enabled, unit will chose closest target to the targeted point instead of normal attack priority
  • Added chat command -betterfps to improve FPS (won’t make any difference if you already use lowest settings possible)
  • Fog dissipating speed improved to maximum (affects visual effects only, doesn’t affect gameflow)
  • Added hotkey settings for tower’s AoE and neutral’s spawn boxes highlight into config.dota
  • Fixed config’s setting ‘Dota2HP bars’ didn’t work

Full changelogs: Dota map 6.88t9 changelog