Dota 6.88g download

Getdota DotA v6.88g Allstars.w3x map by Icefrog

  • Fixed Hellfire blast DoT being undispellable
  • Fixed Spawn Spiderite didn’t spawn spiders if caused final blow on the hero
  • Added cooldown indicator to passive Starfall (Aghanim)
  • Vampiric Aura is now toggleable
  • Fixed incorrect turnrate of Goblin Shredder, Dragon Knight, Medusa, Troll, Ember Spirit, Abaddon
  • Walrus Punch and Infernal Blade now properly work with cleave
  • Added autocast to Tidebringer (new ID: A3WM)
  • Fixed Rikimaru visually disappears after usage of the ultimate
  • Broodmother’s spiderlings and spiderites are now properly moves while under the Web
  • Fixed Berserker’s blood smoothness and bonuses amount
  • Fixed Mystic snake only jumping onto allies of the target instead of the enemies of the caster (affects neutrals mostly)

See full changelog here: Dota v6.88g changelog

Download: Dota 6.88g download – Dota v6.88g download

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